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General Supplies For Coins Casting Pouring Refining Etc.
On this page you will find the Supplies we offer for sale! If you have any
questions you can email me at:

NOTE: Please do your own research before ordering any chemicals!
Please do not send questions asking about chemicals or their uses,
*I Am Not Trying To Be Rude* but if you do not know what they are used for, you probably
should not be ordering them!

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(Direct Fit Airtight 39MM Coin Holder)
Sold by the piece.

Price...79¢ each

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(Graphite Ingot Mold 1 oz Combo)
Combo 2 hole silver Graphite Ingot Mold, 1 toz., Bar,
1/2 toz., KitKat Bar

Price...$12.95 (5 Available)

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(Sodium Metabisulfite 6 oz)
98.6+% pure White Granular Solid 6ozs.


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(Urea 4 oz)
99+% High Purity Prills/Granular Form 4ozs.


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