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Refining Info
General Information About Cost & Fee's To Have Your Metal
Refined, Re-Poured Etc..

Repouring Your Metal (no refining)

To re-pour your metal using molds I have on hand, contact me with what you have and what
you want poured. If you want a special mold, you will have to supply it, and send it with
your metal that is to be re-poured. I will pour Gold, gold alloys, Silver, silver alloys,
and Copper only. I do not work with PGM's.

Shipping both ways is to be covered by you. That's all there is to it, if you would like
to have some stuff re-poured, just contact me to make arrangements.

Refining Your Material

First let me say, I would be happy to do refining for you. The terms are, number 1 that you
are comfortable with me doing it, and being that we probably do not really know each other at
all, about the only thing I can do is give you some information to check out about me.

I have had my Rock & Gem web site on the net sense 1999; I also had a rock gem & jewelry shop
in Hayesville NC from 1989 thru 2004 and a jewelry store in Young Harris GA for several years.
Both of which are closed now, but I still operate my web site if you would like to check it
out the address is, I have also been a seller on eBay since Apr., 1999 and have
100% positive feedback there, my eBay user name is djgems if you want to check that out as well.
But most of all, and last but not least YOU have to decide to trust me or not with your
material before we do any type of business.

Refining is a tricky business, and no matter what something is marked, what you think it is, or
where it came from, you do not know what it will yield until the process is done. An example of
this is, I once had approx., 500 grams of scrap .925 (sterling silver) jewelry that I refined.
All was marked either .925 or sterling, in a perfect world this should have yielded 462.5 grams
of pure silver, as what I started with was 92.5% pure. This lot only yielded less than 400 grams,
which is a loss of about 2 troy ounces of silver. There is always a small loss, anywhere from 2%
to 5% when refining simply because home refiners like me do not have the super expensive
equipment that large commercial refineries have. But this does not account for a loss of 2 ounces.
Why there was such a loss from what I thought I would get is... obviously even though it was
marked .925, some of it was not. Just because something is "Marked" .925, Sterling, 14K, 10K, or
anything else, THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT IS WHAT IT TRULY IS!! Anyone can buy a
jewelers stamp and mark it what ever they want however they want!!

This leads us to general materials that most of my customers want refined. Silver contacts for
example range in purity anywhere from 10% to as much as 99% pure silver, some are just heavy
plating on tungsten, which is twice as dense as silver and can give false expectations of your
yield. Without an assay there is no way I can predict what your material is going to yield, I can
make an "educated guess" but that’s about all. There for you have to trust that I will be honest
and fair with you. As far as plated materials go, such as silverware, plates, platters, electrical
bus bars, etc., for the most part these are only worth messing with if there is a large enough
quantity to warrant the cost of the acids it will take to recover the silver. To strip silver from
plated items requires the use of (2) fairly expensive acids, the fist being nitric acid and the
second sulfuric acid. This process also requires allot of extra work on my end, so processing this
material means more of a final split on my end. You will be much better off stripping the plated
material yourself using reverse electro plating, or sanding/grinding the silver off, then sending
me what you get from that to refine. There are some great videos on YouTube showing how to do
this, and it can be done very inexpensively, it just takes time!

Now for the cost to you for the refining, the general fee is 25% of the yield, for clean material,
meaning material which is ready to process with no extra work, such as scrap sterling silver, coin
silver, or items which don’t require extra handling by me to remove excess metals or material,
basically “clean prepped material”. This may sound like allot, but when you consider the cost of
just the nitric acid, which is fairly expensive, and expensive to have shipped, it’s not all that
much. It takes from 1 to 3 ml’s of acid to dissolve 1 gram of the silver bearing material depending
on its starting purity, and this is for what we consider “clean prepped material”. What this means
is the material I start with needs to be at least 75% pure in order for it to be worth it on my end
for me to do your refining, as at least half of my end of the cut goes to just cover the cost of
the acid, filters, and other materials used in recovering the precious metals.

If the material we start with falls below 75% pure the split is as follows; for each percent below
75% pure, a ½ percent will be added to my end to cover the extra costs. Once the refining process
has been completed, you can choose a couple ways to have your metal returned to you.
  1. You can simply have it returned as the recovered powder, this is best if you intend
to melt it to make your own bars or other objects as it lessens the losses due to vaporization.
Every time it is melted a slight bid is lost.

  2. I will melt your powder and pour a single bar from it, any additional bars you want
me to pour will add a $2.50 charge per item.

  3. In shot form, please note if you choose shot, it will be small globs, and globules,
not the pretty round shot you see from jewelry suppliers & large refinery’s, as I just do what’s
called a water bucket pour. But it is considered “Shot” none the less.

Last but not least shipping/insurance both ways comes out of your end of the recovery. If you would
like me to refine something for you, or have any questions, please email me with what you have so
we can make arrangements for your refine.

Thanks for taking the time to read the lengthy explanation, but after all we are talking about
"Your Metal And Money Here", so I want you to completely understand exactly what is going on,
and what this process entails before you commit to doing it!

Watch the video to understand more about the
types of material I accept for refining.

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